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Ujjeevan NAAD

Ujjeevan NAAD aims to combine Nutrition and Music Therapy to promote health and well-being without relying on medicines.
Nutrition plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health and well-being. It refers to the process by which our bodies obtain and utilize the nutrients found in food for growth, development, and optimal functioning. A section of shloka in Bhagwat Geeta also states the same :







Bhagwat Gita, Chapter 3, Verse 14

अन्नाद्भवंति भूतानि पर्जन्यादन्नसम्भव:

यज्ञाद्भवति पर्जन्यो यज्ञ: कर्मसमुद्भव:

अन्नाद्भवंति भूतानि means the human body is made from food. Nutrition plays a crucial role in maintaining good health. A balanced and nutritious diet can provide the necessary nutrients for the body's optimal functioning and overall wellness, therefore reduces the risk of disease.  By emphasizing the importance of proper nutrition, Ujjeevan NAAD aims to help individuals improve their health naturally.

On the other hand, Music Therapy is one of the most effective and non invasive treatment procedures today. It is a holistic approach that aims to address a wide range of physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitive needs. Indian Music has the potential to work on simple to complex brain functions and is capable for people at all ages and stages. Music Therapy consists of a customized wellness music with the aim at treating any particular medical condition with certain rules to be followed. The trained expert therapists can formulate such treatment plans.

Music Therapy in Ujjeevan NAAD is based on three concepts of Sur Sanjeevan Music Therapy:

  • Ayurvedic Principles

  • Brainwave Entrainment

  • Indian Classical Music

It is mentioned by Sangeet Rishi Tumbru and also stated by Pt. Sharangdev in his book Sangeet Ratnakar that the musical notes have relation with the functional energies (Vata, Pitta & Kapha) of our body.

उचैस्तरो ध्वनी रूक्षो विज्ञेयो वातजो बुधै:

गम्भीरो घनलीनस्तु ज्ञेयो Sसो पितजो ध्वनि:

स्निग्धश्च सुकुमारश्च मधुर: कफजो ध्वनि:

​त्रयाणामं गुणसंयुक्तो विज्ञेयः सन्निपातज:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


By incorporating Music Therapy into the approach, Ujjeevan NAAD aims to further enhance the well-being of individuals and promote a sense of harmony and rejuvenation.

The holistic amalgamation of Nutrition and Music Therapy in Ujjeevan NAAD is aimed at achieving "Aarogya" (health) and "Aayush" (longevity). It suggests that by adopting a balanced diet and incorporating music therapy into one's lifestyle, individuals can revitalize their health and experience a natural rejuvenation.

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