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Why Ujjeevan NAAD?

"Let food be thy medicine and music be thy therapy."

                                                                                                      - Dr. Ankita Bhetiwal


(Based on the Phrase by Hippocrates,
ther of Medicine)  

In Ujjeevan NAAD, we believe in fostering a positive relationship with Food, Therapeutic Music and other Lifestyle Management Techniques, where Wellness &  Enjoyment go hand in hand, without the pressure of strict rules or unrealistic expectations. We prioritize practicality and sustainability, helping our clients to discover an  approach that seamlessly fits into their daily life, ensuring lasting results and overall well-being. Major focus is to elevate ones well-being, experience a surge of energy, amplify ones stamina, and fortify ones immune system through the empowering knowledge of Music Therapy, Nutrition basics & Yoga, allowing one to customize and seamlessly integrate these principles into ones lifestyle for remarkable transformations that last a lifetime.

Our Mission..

We are on the mission to heal the body, mind & spirit of 100,000 people by combining the science of Nutrition, Music Therapy and other Lifestyle Management Techniques so that they can achieve optimal health and wellness and live a Disease Free, Medicine Free & Stress Free life.

Success Stories..

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